Xiaomi Mi6 and Samsung Galaxy S8: speed test

The question of the desirability of having more RAM in the devices often comes to mind when users choosing a smartphone. With such a dilemma, especially facing the owners of gadgets that boast high speed can not. Device properly perform the necessary operation, but the speed and smoothness of operation does not justify the expectations of users. Here also becomes relevant question is how much memory you need is really in a smartphone?

The market is already active selling Xiaomi Mi6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, which today are the most productive Android-smartphone and a leading position on the power reserve thanks to the Snapdragon 835. “Chinese” only offers 6 GB of RAM, but the “Korean”, this figure is 4 GB. The experts decided to compare the performance of these two flagship smartphones by Xiaomi and Samsung, and what movie was filmed.

View the video makes it clear that Xiaomi Mi6 can not offer a higher speed while performing different tasks. Difference if a network, it is small and does not affect the overall impression of the speed of the devices. The conclusion is predictable – Optimization is everything. This test is just another confirmation that the manufacturers should pay more attention to the optimization of the system, rather than mindlessly increase gigabytes.



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