Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will receive a battery for 5000 mAh, Snapdragon 660 and the first photo on the phage camera

Thanks for the active development of fashion to “lopatofony” we should Chinese brands. The company Xiaomi has not become a pioneer in promoting PHABLET, but its last year’s first-born Mi Max has become one of the most popular planshetofonov in China and beyond. When it is created using a win-win recipe: we take a balanced, but not maximum performance, and packed them into the body of metal. It seems that in the same way will be “cut” successor Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

Today, the network appeared the next details about the still unannounced PHABLET. First of all, a picture that is claimed insiders is formed at camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2. We have 4000h3000 pixels picture size was published, suggesting that MT 12 receives planshetofon chamber with an aperture of f / 2.2. Furthermore, it is stated that Xiaomi Mi Max 2 borrow from precursor 6.44 inch FullHD-display, but in a hardware platform as a brand-new 8-perform nuclear Snapdragon platform 660, at least in the top modifications smartphone. For a long time operation PHABLET, install inside the battery capacity of 5000 mAh. There is also speculation that simultaneously with the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will debut a new version of proprietary shell MIUI 9. In favor of the possibility of simultaneous premiere is the fact that MIUI 8 and Xiaomi Mi Max announced May 10 at the same time last year.



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