The new render of OnePlus 5 shows how the plastic seams under the antennas are played in the flagship

OnePlus 5 – one of the leaders of which the network has recently spoken more often. And predictably, it’s perhaps the most anticipated Chinese top-end smartphone in 2017, and its summer release coming inevitable. After megapixels in chambers “rested in ceiling”, manufacturers have chosen to increase the number of lenses. Join this trend and decided to OnePlus, a regular render OnePlus 5 only confirms this. But the new image generated interest not only vertical dual camera, much the way resolved the issue with plastic seams, behind which are hidden antenna.

If we really next OnePlus 5, its creators obviously inspired the design of the plastic inserts at the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and Oppo R9. Inside the metal “back” is made for housing three thin plastic neat seam antennas. In terms of design, look and feel, the new product looks attractive and stylish, though offers have already been implemented in other decision.

The author renderer leak also confirms the information that OnePlus 5 will be equipped with Snapdragon 835, 4000 mAh battery, and in its top-end performance, he will get 8 GB of RAM.



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