Google Chrome will never arrive on Windows 10 S

Google Chrome non arriverà mai su Windows 10 S

Just look at the site that Microsoft has dedicated to the presentation of its new Windows 10 S. Here it reads: “Microsoft Edge is the default browser because it is safer than Chrome or Firefox.” Do not use half-measures Redmond’s company to claim that your browser is, in your opinion, the most protected among the mainstream on the market, so there is no reason to look elsewhere. The renunciation of competitors is strategic but also technical. In itself, the Windows Store can not host programs like Chrome and Firefox because they do not use the HTML and JavaScript engines that are required to be accepted by the OS that aboard the Surface Laptop to lower the Chromecast as the best selling notebook Last years, at least overseas.

More control

In the case of browsers, the absence from the Windows Store is mainly technical but not just. It is understandable that Microsoft wants to push its platforms more, especially if it is to take advantage of dangerous rivals such as Google and Mozilla, whose navigation programs are still ahead of Edge. Additionally, the same essence of Windows 10 S forces users to install only apps on the home digital store by removing any external executable files. This, according to Microsoft, increases the security of the OS but, on the other hand, also greatly limits your personalization. However, it is not said that Google can not circumvent the problem, since it has already come to terms with Apple, but when it comes to iOS, it has left Blink compilation to embrace WebKit code, supported by iPhone and iPad.




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