Firefox Focus Coming to Android: Here’s how to try it right through APK

Unfortunately it is true, wander around the internet these days can be dangerous to our privacy; not surprisingly we are always in front of targeted advertising specially made for us. And ‘possible to overcome this problem using some tools like Privacy Badger but not always there is the absolute certainty of being in “incognito.”

In 2015, Mozilla released Firefox Focus , or filter for the Safari browser that allowed to block trackers present in web pages. Subsequently Focus has become a real app for iOS and is in the finishing straight to land on Android.

Just open the app, you will find yourself in front of a screen with a slash to enter an address and a menu ( three white dots ) in the upper right. The interface is clean, simple and minimal as app for iOS. The browsing experience is very similar to that offered by Firefox for Android, with the only difference that the pages are loaded more quickly thanks to the browser that blocks advertisements and similar resources. Then press the button back in your smartphone you can return to the course home page. In the menu you can turn the button to lock or unlock the tracker, share the page or open it with other browsers installed on their device. The trash icon closes the current browsing session, and clears its history. Then we find options to change the search engine, set Focus as the default browser and send anonymous usage data to help developers. And ‘possible to select a mode to get a broader “blacklist” of items to be blocked but beware: you’ll sometimes even things like blocked. Currently, Focus uses a more or less identical anti-tracking public version of the list.

Focus Firefox for Android could become extremely important to increase our privacy and we look forward to the official version is available to all; Meanwhile, if you want to try you just functions of this browser to download the APK.



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