Google Phone 9.0 hides animal paws in a cute Easter egg


The latest version of Google Phone released the Play Store, or the 9.0, it hides a fun Easter egg which includes legs of animals, specifically cats and dogs.

The code was in fact found some reference to the legs, but until now we had no idea what that meant in practice. To enlighten us on this matter was the suggestion of a user, who discovered the Easter egg and posted a video on YouTube by typing in the dialer sequence  * # * # 729 # * # *  all the times that you will appear a phone the paw of a cat or a dog to point you in the direction of the swipe to answer.

If you want to deactivate it is sufficient then reinsert the same sequence in the dialer: at the bottom will appear a confirmation. It is a nice gimmick, but of course an end in itself and completely unnecessary at a functional level. The operation remains independent of the smartphone model: If you want to try you just update the Google Phone app to the latest version (9.0). You can do so by following the badge down here or the link to APKMirror.

We leave the video that shows the operation. Let us know if you are able to “activate” the legs.



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