WhatsApp fined for 3 million euros for sharing data

After seven months of investigations, the inquiry opened by AGCM against WhatsApp Inc. on alleged and repeated violations of the Consumer Code yesterday. The first resolution concerns the alleged disloyalty of some clauses inserted in the contract that users accept when installing WhatsApp.

In particular, the disapproval of liability exclusions, possible service disruptions without notice and notice, the right of withdrawal from the contract that WhatsApp can use to exclude certain users and other clauses that seem in fact unclear are found. You can read the full text of the layout, with all resolutions, by visiting this page.

The second process concerns the sharing of Facebook data last year carried out in AGCM in an incorrect way. WhatsApp would induce users to accept Terms of Use by believing that in the absence of consent, it would not have been possible to continue using the application.

In fact it was possible to deny the sharing of data with Facebook, but the methodology used was thinking otherwise. For this, WhatsApp Inc. will have to pay a penalty of 3 million euros to be paid to the AGCM within thirty days. Again, you can consult the integral text of the resolution by visiting this page.





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