Fairphone 3 is under development but will only arrive in 2018

In an interview with FrAndroid’s colleagues, Bas Van Abel, founder and CEO of Fairphone, talked about the future of the project that has already brought two versions of the ethical and solidarity smartphone on the market.

Over a year and a half from the presentation of Fairphone 2, users are wondering if there will be a successor and Van Abel’s answer is affirmative. However, it will be necessary to wait next year, as Fairphone 3 is still under design and will bring several new features.

Instead of turning to the high end of the market, the new smartphone will point down to keep the sale price on more affordable levels. We talk about the possible use of a SoC of the Snapdragon 400 family which could lead to a final price close to $ 500.

This is definitely a much higher price than what is currently available on the market where a smartphone with this chipset can be sold at just over $ 200 but Fairphone can not get the same big discounts as it has a series Of higher costs to ensure compliance with the philosophy behind the entire project.

Waiting to find out more about Fairphone 3 Van Abel’s pre-existing model on the market, remembering that you can buy a new camera module that costs just $ 35 and is waiting for Qualcomm news on the opportunity to upgrade Fairphone 2 to Android 7.0 Nougat.

We recall that the smartphone uses a Snapdragon 801 that in theory should not support the new release of the green robotic but that, as the ZUK Z1 demonstrates, has the right cards to handle it best.



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