Indra launches a large platform to centralize and streamline tax administration in Algeria

Indra avvia la grande piattaforma per centralizzare e snellire la gestione della fiscalità in Algeria

Indra has reached the first and most important goal of Jibayatic, the primary project to modernize the tax system in Algeria. The new tax management system has been operational at the pilot center of El Harreh (Algeria), the CDI (Center des impôts).

The project, promoted by the Ministry of Finance of Algeria’s Directorate General Taxes (DGI), is based on the ERP of SAP’s tax administration and aims to create a centralized and unified national information system in order to support activities Tax automated. It also aims to increase efficiency in the fight against tax fraud through traceability and control of information – both at national and local level – for the 600 collection centers distributed across the country.

The launch of the platform in the “center des impôts” of Algiers East represents the most important phase of the project, as it will be the first contact of users with the solution. In addition, the platform manages non-oil taxes that have the highest collection rates, namely: VAT, corporate taxes, income and occupational taxes.

The launch of the platform has allowed us to verify the basic functionality of tax management, which represents approximately 60% of the functionality defined in the overall scope of the project. Among these basic features are: the presentation of declarations, the automatic identification of tax defaults, the payment of tax obligations and debts, the generation of liquidation proposals, the repayment or generation of fiscal status certificates, and so on. After extending this first phase to all centers, other types of taxes, including those on oil and gas, will be added, involving the activities of many multinationals with presence in the country.

More transparent management

Thanks to this project, DGI can: deliver all the information on tax administration, improve taxpayer tax identification and increase collection levels through data traceability and increased fraud control. In addition, the automation of tax administration will help reduce operating costs and improve control levels.

The project will also significantly improve the content and quality of the services offered to taxpayers, as it will facilitate the procedures for tax compliance by electronic means and will provide greater transparency to tax procedures.

The project is the world’s foremost reference for implementing a SAP-based tax management system. This opens new opportunities for Indra in the international public market. The platform will support the activities of approximately 10,000 DGI officials and facilitate the exchange of information across the organization, consisting of seven headquarters located at the headquarters, nine regional directorates, 51 provincial directorates and over 300 decentralized local services.

At present Indra thanks to the experience gained in the development of similar systems, which manage more than 100 million taxpayers, has developed more effective solutions in the collection and tax controls.




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