Genesys introduces new solutions for Customer Experience

Genesys introduces new solutions for Customer Experience

Genesys introduces the updated and extended version of its Customer Experience Platform. The latter includes three complementary solutions – PureEngage, PureConnect and PureCloud by Genesys – each aimed at a different clientele and a specific market segment . The three solutions are new usability features that simplify both business users and contact center agents.

Since 2016, with the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence , Genesys offers a portfolio of larger solutions can provide an extraordinary customer experience for companies of all sizes, whether they require cloud or on-premise solutions. Here are some details:

  • PureCloud by Genesys is an all-in-one solution for customer and employee engagement, simple to use and quick implementation. PureCloud is a true multi-tenant cloud solution, flexible, feature-rich and designed to allow rapid innovation. It is based on the new micro-services paradigm and is designed to be easily customized and enhanced with community applications.
  • PureConnect (based on ININ CIC) is an all-in-one multi-channel proposal proven engagement. Quick to deploy and easy to manage, it adapt to each specific need. It is accompanied by collaboration and communication services for medium and large organizations and is available in the cloud and on-premise version.
  • PureEngage ( based on Genesys Enterprise Edition) is the only true suite of customer engagement omnichannel dedicated to large companies, can provide higher-quality experiences in terms of competitiveness. The suite provides the monitoring of customer journey contextual real-time, a routing and a digital processing on any scale.

“Genesys now presents itself as a company much larger and with a portfolio of products much larger. However, what has not changed is our commitment to delivering the best customer experience in the world, “said Merijn te Booij, Chief Marketing Officer of Genesys . “Today we are able to manage the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing to sales and services, both for small companies and for global brands with tens of thousands of customers.”

“We look forward to demonstrating our continued commitment to the development of PureConnect solution. We have developed new features that will doubtless make it even easier to use, allowing you to get even greater efficiency of agents. ”

Among the new features PureConnect  include:

  • Co-Browse View : two or more people can see and use the same page at the same time, in order to enable contact center agents to control and directly assist the visitor on the website of a company and simultaneously talk or chat with that same user.
  • Early Adopter WebRTC : using Firefox or Chrome browser on a PC, users can tap the microphone and speakers of their computer having an active softphone SIP connection, eliminating the need to install an IP phone-line softphone application or separate.


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