Snapchat brings augmented reality in every picture

Snapchat porta la realtà aumentata in ogni foto

While Facebook looks at the future of virtual reality reading and social networking systems, its biggest rival Snapchat works to improve its users’ experience with new features. The $ 30 billion messaging app has presented a new way of understanding the stickers called World Lenses. These are actually augmented items that are displayed without the need for viewers or other special devices whenever you frame an object with your smartphone camera.

Snapchat has gone far beyond simple filters and stickers. With World Lenses, you will be able to show 3D images to creatively and creatively customize your content. In the video that illustrates the novelty are shown rainbows, clouds, letters and flowers that are actually increased, appearing from nothing and animating. However, these content can be moved and edited in sizes just like any other stickers. World Lenses are a further attempt at Snapchat to differentiate from Facebook, which in recent months has been inspired by Teenager’s favorite chat on several occasions.




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