Apple hires former NASA for its projects with augmented reality

For Apple, increased reality is a sector considered crucial for the foreseeable future. The same CEO of the Cupertino company, Tim Cook, some time ago pointed out that this technology will serve to further unite people through new and more advanced forms of communication. Mela has already made some projects related to increased reality and has now decided to step up its efforts in this area by taking on Jeff Norris, one of the founders of Mission Operations Innovation Office within the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. Former US Space Agency engineer is considered to be one of the industry’s leading experts and has collaborated on projects related to digital worlds applied to robotics and space travel.

According to rumors in Network, Jeff Norris has become a member of Mike Rockwell’s team, which deals with the creation of Apple’s notorious smart goggles. Despite the rumor of Google Glass, it seems that the Cupertino company is determined to implement a solution similar to Big G’s and would have asked for the collaboration of Carl Zeiss, the leader in the lens industry. Apple has set aside the self-driving car project to fully devote itself to the development of this device, but it seems that there will be a delay in launching it. Norris could also work on a solution dedicated to the iPhone camera. It is about a renewed object recognition system or three-dimensional photo creation.

Apple assume ex NASA per i suoi progetti con la realtà aumentata




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