Microsoft promises semi-annual updates for Windows 10 and Office 365

Microsoft promette aggiornamenti semestrali per Windows 10 e Office 365

What did Microsoft say when it said that Windows 10 would be its latest operating system is clear for some time. No more compiled software almost from scratch, no echoes of interfaces and functions, but only a constant retouching of what’s released with the latest OS, as has Apple for years. Here is the sense of Creators Update and future distributions that will address specific contexts of use. However, you can also read it on the support site that comes with Windows 10: “This is a service and this means it is improved through periodic updates. The good news is that you generally do not have to do anything: the updates are downloaded and installed automatically as soon as available. ” Knowing when they will arrive is a big advantage, explained by the company last week.
Every six months

“The next feature update will come in September (Redstone 3) – the company wrote on its official blog – and then in March, following a six-monthly programming that concerns both Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus and System Center Configuration Manager” . The periodicity of the releases will become a boon to Redmond’s offer. It is no coincidence that you are talking about a maximum of 18 months to support each upgrade, which will have to be followed by a quick step forward to avoid staying in obscure computer. It has to be said that here are important changes but not so great to block the work on the machines. Microsoft’s logic is the best from a certain point of view: allowing private users and professionals to enjoy the highest protection and reliability of their ecosystem by running non-overflowing packets to simplify upgrading processes And speed up installation.




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