Neil Young ready to launch Xtream, audio streaming in high quality

Neil Young pronto a lanciare Xtream, streaming audio in alta qualità

From a purely technical standpoint is it that distinguishes a locally saved music track, on smartphones or computers, including those stored on the tide of the most popular streaming services libraries? The quality of course. Spotify, for example, plays the songs with an average bitrate, whether you are on 4G network using Wi-Fi, without any distinction. What you can do is change the option in your app settings, choose the desired quality level at its peril. That is: if it were to be met with the phone off the wireless field is likely to consume far more data than usual, just to better enjoy a guitar solo. For this, in the end, it leaves everything as it is, getting used to the ear to listen to pieces lined up on a standard play, sacrificing the sound in favor of quantity.

Ecco Xtream

A landscape that someone like Neil Young can no longer accept. After the failure of Pono, expensive finished music player quickly forgotten, the Canadian artist has decided to launch Xtream, an audio streaming service developed in collaboration with Singapore OraStream. It is a hybrid between Spotify and iTunes, meaning that you can listen to songs on Xtream but also buy them, then sees them through to the probable mobile app that will accompany the availability of the platform. What changes between the draft Young and competition is the so-called streaming adaptive. It means that the quality of playback changes depending on the bandwidth available: it is with the Wi-Fi or connected to the LAN? Here are 96 kHz. Mobile network signal or weak? They range from 44.1 kHz, with no distinction between free or premium use. It is not known when Xtream become real and for which operating system (or web based). The fact is that Neil Young has spoken very short timelines, if not imminent.



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