Apple cut commissions to affiliates App Store

Apple thanks to its Affiliate Program allows site owners and bloggers to earn each time they promote apps, iBooks, or any other content available on the App Store. Up to now Apple provided 7% commissions on sales from these products but now things have changed considerably. The Cupertino company, which has hired a former NASA for its increased reality projects, slashed the slice for affiliates to 2.5%. For Apple partners it means losing up to 64% of commissions. Apple has assured that the news only applies to apps and that commissions on digital books, music and movies will remain unchanged. The same thing applies to Apple Music subscription, which allows you to get a 50% commission on those portals that through a direct link lead a user to sign up within 30 days of the click.

App Store, as it has been for several years now, is the app store that collects the most revenue despite being exceeded by the Play Store for number of downloads. In 2016, Apple’s platform even doubled its earnings compared to its rival. Why did the Cupertino company then decide to redeem commissions for its affiliates? The novelty could be related to in-app purchases. Due to the growth in this way of buying, Apple has had to review its policies on several occasions to avoid fines and sanctions. For example, you can no longer report an app as free or discounted. The US colossal move could therefore be a response to this new trend without adversely affecting revenue.

Apple taglia le commissioni agli affiliati App Store




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