Apple: price increases for apps and news for Apple Music

Apple: rincari per le app e novità per Apple Music

Apple is preparing to raise app prices for the European market about two years after the last rush. According to the MacRumors website, who has been able to put his hands on emails sent to developers, announcing new affiliates for the affiliate program, the rise in app cost will start at the end of next week.

“Due to changes in foreign exchange rates, app prices and in-app purchases (excluding automatic renewal subscriptions) will increase in Denmark, Mexico and all the territories that use the Euro in the next 7 days. – reads in the email – You can change the price of your subscriptions at any time in iTunes Connect with the option to preserve the prices for subscribers.

In the countries mentioned by Apple, including Italy, the minimum price of software on App Store will go from 99 cents to 1.09 euros. This is a 10 cents increase on the original price.


For Apple fans, however, there are good news. The Cupertino company has some great news about Apple Music, which now integrates its catalog with the app. The software allows you to make short music playback music and already has a good user base. Streamline subscribers can also listen to songs in full and not just tracks. The goal is to promote Apple Music among teenagers and get new subscriptions.

The service will also receive a robust update with the arrival of iOS 11. Within the Video section will include the much anticipated films and original TV series made by Apple. In addition to the already known “Carpool Karaoke” and the “Planet of the Apps” reality, there will also be space for documentaries on Clive Davis and Cash Money Records and maybe even on Bad Boy Record, the record company of rappers Puff Daddy and Notorius BIG. There is also a possible collaboration with the director of J.J. Abrams, known for the Lost Series and Start-Trek and Star Wars franchise reboots. To find out all the news related to iOS 11, just wait for WWDC 2017 to be held on June 5-9.




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