On WhatsApp you will be able to highlight the chats

On WhatsApp you can highlight the chat

WhatsApp does not cease to implement its so always make it more attractive and flexible service for its users. To all of you it will ever be flooded by a huge number of chat and make it hard to find the ones that really interest you. The messaging app, which will soon also allow the exchange of small amounts of money, has therefore decided to introduce a system that allows you to highlight the most important conversations in order to access it more easily.

To select your favorite chat and “lock” simply click on the icon in the shape of needle or pin. The new feature allows you to bring out up to a maximum of 3 conversations. The limit was imposed for the simple fact that if the chats were more numerous the tool would lose meaning.

According to reports Android Police, the label is already available for Android version of WhatsApp in the form of APK but soon will become available for everyone with an official update. There is no information regarding the iOS app, but historically the messaging service prefer to test new features before the operating system from Google and that means you will still be released some time later.



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