Grand finale of chatBOTday Tour. In May, the stages of Turin and Milan

Gran finale del chatBOTday Tour. A maggio le tappe di Torino e Milano

ChatBOTday, organized by hackBiz, is a one-day experience to learn what chatbots are, what platforms they use to develop them and how to use artificial intelligence frameworks.
BOTs are digital assistants who deliver a service simulating interaction with another human being. If you want to know more please chat with our BOT … ..http: //


How does a Bot develop for an enterprise? Which variables to consider? What technologies do you use? How to calculate ROI? These are just some of the questions she will try to answer during the events, Simone Di Somma – Managing Director of INNAAS, the main sponsor of the chatBOTday tour and the company that created SKY’s BOT.

“The goal of INNAAS is to become the Italian reference company in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). We strongly believe that chatbots are the ideal channel to allow companies to quickly experience the benefits of the IA “-” That’s why it pushed us as a company to support the wonderful initiative of evangelization of the theme organized by Hackbiz “

Developing a bot with Chatfuel – How to create a chatbot without writing a code line or almost … J

Chatfuel is suitable for all situations where content is to be distributed. This is the case, for example, of a blog that wants to make its articles known, a company that wants to respond to customers’ questions, a restaurant that wants to provide details about table availability.

Antonio Savarese, will tell you how he has created the bot of Food Makers with which you can search for food, recipes and restaurants according to your position.


During the events, some case histories will be presented, which show that the future is closer to what you think and that for companies in every sector you can create value using chatbots.


Elen the Enel Bot

Lorenzo Cagnato, Head of Technology Imille present the work to achieve the chatbot Enel.

Enel is the first utility, and one of the first companies in the world, to launch a bot chat dedicated to corporate communications on Facebook Messenger. His name is Elen.

The chat bot function is to simplify and digitize the daily report with the major stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, media, etc.). Just provide a few keyword chat bots to have the most relevant content (news) in return for Enel’s commitment to the world.

With the ability to activate push notifications, you can stay informed on press releases, news stories, and stories as soon as they are published. Elen speaks three languages (Italian, English and Spanish) and is able to answer questions related to the organization, such as ‘Who is Enel CEO?’ And his activities, ‘What does Enel do to Larderello?’, Bringing the company closer to its stakeholders.



How to design a structure of a chatbot conversational – Puria Nafisi – Partner Axant

Creating chatbots is the latest trending topic of 2017. There are many tools to help to easily create them. But is there any tools that helps you to design them? Taking care of the micro-copy, the conversation flow, interaction types, media usage and more… that are the most challenging part of the conversational design. In these speech will go through the key aspects of the design of chatbot’s conversation structures.


StarChat è un framework opensource per lo sviluppo di chatbot prodotto dell’azienda GetJenny per lo sviluppo di chat bot engine. Descrizione del prodotto software e del funzionamento, principali meccanismi di NLP offerti.

Insieme impareremo a creare il nostro primo chatbot utilizzando la piattaforma facebook messenger. Un solo giorno per essere on-line e dire Hello, bot!

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