Samsung launches Marshmallow, the app to keep control of their children

Samsung launches Marshmallow, the app to keep tabs on their children

Although the name may be misleading, the latest app released by Samsung has nothing to do with the 6.0 version of Android. Marshmallow is a parental control software that allows you to impose on the children’s activity limits and also allows you to control what they do with your smartphone. The goal of the app is actually not so much to block access to their children some of the activities and functions on your phone as educate them to a responsible use.

“Using Samsung Marshmallow, – reads the app’s description on Google Play – the child of course will learn how to use your smartphone through its own use plan, goals and rewards. In addition, parents can take advantage of marshmallows to talk to their children about the habits of their phone. ” The app then presents itself as a real educational tool but allows you to have an eye on your children’s activities to prevent, for example, spend crazy amounts on the app store or viewing content unsuitable for their age. Parents can set the times at which the device should not be used or block access to specific apps and websites. The software also offers a series of charts and reports to help you track the progress of children.

Marshmallow Samsung is not the only app to have achieved some success within hours of release. The same fact also applies to In-Traffic Reply, one automatic reply facility customize that allows you to keep your eyes fixed on the road while driving even when the phone rings.



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