Apple Watch give up google maps and other apps

Google Maps e altre app abbandonano Apple Watch

Apple Watch has certainly been a successful product although some doubt the utility of smartwatches. Despite the positive numbers recorded by Apple’s smart clock, several important apps have taken off support for the device in the last few days. The escape took place in a hidden way and involved services that were quite famous, such as Google Maps, Amazon, eBay and Target. Big G, whose Pixel 2 smartphones will certainly integrate the Snapdragon 835 processors, did not motivate its decision but left the door open to its possible return to Apple Watch. “We removed Apple Watch support from our latest iOS release, but we expect to back it up again in the future,” a Google spokeswoman told AppleInsider.

Amazon and eBay have not explained the deletion of the Cupertino product support and seen the mystery in many have advanced their hypotheses about the reasons for this operation. The most credited thesis is that these companies have seen that feedback from users has been rather limited or under expectations. On the other hand, it can be said that few online purchases from the small screen of their smartwatch. As far as Google is concerned, the end of the support might be an attempt to push smart watch sales that use Android or more simply the Mountain View company wants to review the strategy associated with Maps. Meanwhile, new rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch models are circulating. In the future, the Cupertino watch could include an auxiliary battery in the strap and a lock system when driving. Its design could also be inspired by the notorious iPhone 8 Edition.




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