Cisco technologies are experienced in Lean Experience Factory 4.0

Industria 4.0: le tecnologie Cisco si sperimentano nella Lean Experience Factory 4.0

Cisco Industry 4.0 Technologies are entering the Lean Experience Factory 4.0 of San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone. Visitors to the “Model Factory” – an experiential training lab born in 2011 at McKinsey & Company, Unindustria Pordenone and other local institutions to convey to companies the “know-how” and the skills needed to achieve operational excellence and achieve success Digital process transformation – will have the chance to experience, among other technologies already in the factory, the most innovative solutions in cybersecurity, collaboration and industrial networks set up by Cisco and VEM systems.

All this is possible thanks to three interactive demo areas, realized by Cisco and VEM systems partner, with the aim of transmitting in the most concrete and immediate way possible the added value of technological innovation to Italian companies, which are now fully invested From digital transformation and will gain all the benefits just by speeding up the pace of change.

“Today, Italian companies have realized that if digitization is an evolution that affects everyone, it is no longer the time to hesitate. The key to dissolving reservations is knowledge. For this reason, entering into a context created to disseminate skills and “know how to do” for industrial and digital transformation seemed to us a great opportunity to enrich the initiatives we are helping businesses to accelerate their digitization path as part of our plan Of digital investments, “explains Michele Dalmazzoni, Collaboration & Industry Digitization Leader of Cisco Italia. “In addition, the realization of this project is the practical demonstration of our approach to innovation: an open and collaborative approach that puts together our resources, our partners and the reality of excellence on the ground.”

“Through digitization scenarios that can be experienced in Lean Experience Factory 4.0, we can bring our customers into the factory of today and the future,” adds Marco Bubani, Innovation Director of VEM Systems. “By introducing our technology into an experimental, but really functional environment in which companies can assist with the new production methodologies made possible by 4.0 technologies, we can test them, concretely, on the field, value, and return on investment. An opportunity to experience a unique experience and have a realistic idea of ​​how industry 4.0 is changing business, and also demonstrates our commitment to putting our expertise at the disposal of partners and the market to accompany Customers in their digital transformation path. ”
Cybersecurity, collaboration and industrial networking to transform operational and business models

Ensuring adequate cybersecurity protection is essential to take the digitalization path with confidence. The demo dedicated to cybersecurity simulates, albeit in a realistic way, a computer attack on the establishment network by a very simple device that, by acting as an “input port”, allows you to enter the network and other devices; It then shows how using access and network authentication and device authentication (Cisco Connected Factory Security) solutions can prevent access to unauthorized resources and network areas.

Within a suitably protected environment, it is possible to integrate digital technologies that offer great productivity and flexibility benefits, such as “Remote Expert” solutions that Cisco offers in industrial (and not just) Cisco Spark, a platform Which allows you to create real “virtual rooms” of communication and collaboration. The demo dedicated to the Industrial Collaboration demonstrates how a maintenance operator in the production environment can obtain, through a wearable or mobile device, the support of an expert who can collaborate with the maintainer and support it in carrying out the business. Cisco Spark also supports the new Cisco Spark Board, an all-in-one all-in-one solution that integrates in one device features Videoconference, Whiteboard and Display Presentation, ensuring continuity of experience.

The third demo area highlights the need for operational continuity and high performance, critical factors for every business. Network connectivity is clearly a key element of the digital factory: solutions such as Cisco Connected Factory Wireless provide a reliable and resilient communications infrastructure, thanks to the network’s ability to detect unexpected events (interference, breakdowns, etc.) and Reconfigure yourself




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