ToolsGroup “defines the standard” for inventory optimization

ToolsGroup “definisce lo standard” per l’ottimizzazione scorte

ToolsGroup confirms its top position among the “Leader” for stock optimization in the Inventory Optimization Value Matrix 2017 just released by Nucleus Research. According to Nucleus, which evaluates on-premise and cloud software vendors, winning solutions “bring value to customers with better visualization capabilities, more automation, machine learning apps, and more accurate sales forecasts.”

Seth Lippincott, a Nucleus Research analyst in Business Applications, conducted the study: “ToolsGroup defines industry standard in the 2017 inventory optimization matrix, providing usability and functionality that support customers to add value to their business, thank you One of the most automated inventory and supply chain optimization solutions on the market. “

Nucleus Research highlights other advanced ToolsGroup capabilities:

Analyzing data from social networks (social sensing) to define the right stock targets for the launch of new products
The ability to model abnormal demand profiles and to calculate appropriate stock levels to meet market demand (even in case of intermittent demand or long tail)
The adoption of machine learning technology to improve sales forecasts and demand planning, especially for the launch of new products and seasonal products
Optimize multilevel inventory and service level optimization to optimally translate a target service level for a group of items (aggregated) into a suitable target for each item in the mix
Complete integration and integration of Sales & Operations Planning (S & OP) business with demand modeling and inventory optimization

Nucleus Research puts in its 17 suppliers matrix, analyzing the user experience with the usability and functionality of the software. The matrix is ​​divided into four quadrants: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Major Suppliers. According to Nucleus Research, “Leaders” are the providers that provide customers with the maximum return on investment (ROI), and offer the most suitable solutions for large-scale implementations. These vendors are distinguished for fast-deploying solutions, and for continued investment in research into new areas such as social sensing, machine learning, and predictive analysis.

Joseph Shamir, CEO of ToolsGroup, commented: “This is the fifth report in just over a year that sees us ranked among the leaders. What makes us more proud of is that these classifications are based primarily on customer interviews and their business results. “




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