The assistant arrives on S8 in South Korea

Finalmente Bixby: l’assistente approda sugli S8 in Sud Corea

Among the many novelties awaiting the Galaxy S8 there was the voice assistant Bixby. Unfortunately, the competitor of Siri and Cortana did not mature in time to be integrated into the launch of the smartphone. Not a big problem, but it is certain that users are beginning to get tired of not being able to access the advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for the mass. Comfortably a few weeks of tranquility before coming to the shops, the Korean team worked hard to please at least the customers at home and so Bixby will soon make his debut on the S8 and S8 Plus sold in South Korea. The rollout will come up with a system upgrade, the same as it should be on US smartphones by the end of May.

In Italy only in 2018

In fact, according to American sources, the English version of Bixby is not so far from a finalization but the will is to test its use on a smaller slice of public (not so small) before diving into US soil where Fear of a fail is always high, although the S8 pre-sale record looks good about a definite recovery after the Note7 case. The worst news, at least for us, is that Bixby Voice will not speak Italian in the coming months. On the occasion of the introduction of the new mobile phones in London, the Samsung team explained that after the Korean and English, Bixby’s third language will be Chinese and then all others. Most likely, AI support will arrive at our Galaxy in the first part of 2018 to integrate audio capabilities with existing Bixby Reminder and Bixby Vision.



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