Zucchetti Smart Touch solutions also feature “Milano food city”

The Smart Touch Zucchetti solutions also stars in "Milano food city"

“Milan food city” is an event dedicated to food and food that will take place from 4 to 11 May in some areas of the city to revive the EXPO carrier message: ” Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life .”

Among the initiatives planned detaches that of “Italian Legends”, the food designer Paolo Barichella format that aims to apply the elegance, class and typically Italian style even in the food sector, giving the utmost importance to the products and manufacturers of specialty foods that have entered into legend.

On this particular occasion, however, Paolo Barichella wanted to add another star: technology. In particular how it can be used their smartphones to make it easier and more enjoyable experience to travel to a place to taste the most famous Italian dishes.

To accomplish this, during the eight-day event, in Via Dante 14, in Milan club branded “Legends Italian” all orders will be handled by customers independently thanks to an app to download to your mobile: it’s Smart Touch Menu, the system of self ordering proximity developed by Zucchetti Smart Touch, the Zucchetti group company based in Saronno (VA).

“We enthusiastically joined the Italian Legends project – says Massimiliano D’Urso, Director of Zucchetti Smart Touch – because our challenge is to bring innovation also in the restaurant business and to understand how technology can simplify business and increase the profitability of those working in this sector.
Smart Touch Menu, makes it possible to optimize the work of the dining room staff and to increase the number of drinks, while increasing the level of customer satisfaction, which can independently manage their orders. We are eager to see our systems in operation in an important occasion and prestigious food city like Milan. ”

Even Paolo Barichella, the Italian Legends creator , expects a great success “At the format development of Italian legends, we compared partners they had history, products and brands, and did the Made in Italy the primary value of their lifestyle company with technologically advanced systems to demonstrate that excellence is even in applications software-based systems born Italian ingenuity.
Zucchetti Smart Touch is one of the examples that best integrates in our project of integration of systems able to bring the Food Retail Format in the world 4.0, maintaining a ‘mood’ Italian Lifestyle.
According to our concept of food tasting should be an enjoyable time entertainment from all points of view. Not only, therefore, the quality of the dishes, but also the elegance and functionality of the location and the excellent service at the tables.
For this reason we loved Smart Touch Menu, because the use of this system demonstrates attention to the customer from the moment you sit at our table: a simple app may consult the menu and place your order no waiting or being forced to draw the attention of the staff. We expect, therefore, many guests, some very prestigious, for this Milanese event and we’re sure you will not disappoint their expectations. “



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