Top Consult’s Collaborative WorkFlow: not just rules but also flexibility for business processes

Collaborative Workflow of Top Consult: not only rules but also flexibility for business processes

Top Consult , a leading company for 30 years in the electronic document management and a pioneer in digital preservation of the same, announces the release of WorkFlow Collaborative , the new solution of TopMedia NED Social platform designed to enable the user to manage the flow of collaboratively documents within the structured processes.

The Collaborative WorkFlow automates the Top Consult a structured process of business, such as purchases, involving multiple users and interacts with other processes. Complete the trio of solutions to the User Collaborative to work in a “smart” and evolved, joining the Groupware, which in unstructured processes achieves a secure Corporate Social Network and protected to create, share and store documents, and CaseFlow, which operates in structured processes for case management.

“The ability to manage even complex structured processes collaboratively – said Pier Luigi Zaffagnini, CEO of Top Consult – allows to combine the use of business rules and the established automation with flexibility and intuitiveness of the collaborative functions of the system: no e-mail address, but working groups, dashboard and notifications. In traditional structured workflow processes “automate” the user and stiffens the work: we remove the stiffness of the processes and make “collaborative” to become the system, maintaining the automated but putting at the center of the User Collaborative solutions, always active, participatory and be informed when it is in the office or while on the move. ”

In WorkFlow Collaborative an appropriate Graph Designer allows in a simple way the system administrator to view and define in advance the sequence of actions, the conditions to be checked and the participants. They can also be configured automatic actions carried out by external systems through the use of Orchestration Platform, which manages the massive and unattended operations on documents such as dispatch or the acquisition of incoming documents. The defined rules are then executed by the Workflow Engine , a component of the Document Platform.

The user follows and intervenes in the workflow through the Home Page of Windows or Web client as well as by a specific Mobile App that allows him to control the flow and collaborative environments in which it is involved. With the function Approval Workflow you find the list of documents to be approved and is guided automatically by the system through the various steps with buttons to forward or refuse, browse and sign digitally. The Control Workflow is instead the monitoring dashboard that allows the user to check at any time, even graphically, the state of advancement of structured processes in which he is involved. If the user is responsible for the flow manager, he sees his step and also all those people that relate ; can monitor absences and anomalies, redistribute jobs or approve them directly.

The WorkFlow Collaborative is a very effective way to overcome the rigidities of traditional workflow, managed from management software, but lack of documentary tools (and therefore such important record of a supplier on the invoice can not be read and stored by the system ) and to use the warnings and alerts to users, e-mail e-mail that must be handled and stored separately creating information silos in their own right. And if a manager has a doubt in the approval of a purchase and call the buyers on the phone or via e-mail, this decisive step is not drawn into the system.

In WorkFlow Collaborative Top Consult instead the user is always connected, while on the move, with colleagues involved in the same processes and is therefore always updated in real time; interacts in an active way, it does not undergo the processes and always has the overview of those that concern him. On the other hand, the collaborative system tracks and stores all: notifications, messages and records each user’s answers and conversations, speeches and activities with their timing and associated documents. No need to go find and bring in other documents or e-mails, because everything is already born in the workflow; therefore eliminate the barriers present in the ERP with their different information silos.

So also the way of working is more secure: no email befall fact the risk of intrusions and malware attacks.



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