Talentia Software, the company with two hearts

Talentia Software, the company from two hearts

Talentia Software  is a specialist in global solutions for HR and finance companies, with nearly thirty years of experience, 3,600 customers worldwide, a presence in all major European countries and a network of distribution partners in every quadrant of the world. “Italy is an important market for the group, holding the second place by business volume, an increase of 10% from last year,” – she explains to Data Manager Marco Bossi, managing director of Talentia Software . The activities of the software companies are focused on two main areas, equally important in business strategy: financial performance management and human capital. The first area addresses the needs of the customer’s financial management, with solutions for budgeting, planning, reporting and consolidation, while people management solutions, recruitment, people development, learning and compensation are turning to HR departments. The Talentia clients are companies of medium to large size, with sales volumes above 100 million Euros and more than 700 employees, although there are exceptions for smaller organizations but also oriented to a careful management of business processes.


“Our value proposition – said the manager – is characterized by the fact that we are specialists in these two specific areas, the finance and HR precisely, and therefore we are able to follow the customer closely with a light and flexible approach, sets us apart from the competition in terms of services and after-sales service and market proximity. In addition, during the nearly thirty years of our history we have always been attentive to the innovation trend, so we have a natural impulse towards the future. ” Talentia Software can provide the same solutions either in the cloud or on-premise, satisfying every need of the client companies. And although the business world is increasingly digitizing, the human factor remains central to any development strategy. No matter how advanced it may be, the digitization of business must place itself at the service of people, not vice versa. “Man is essential to implement the software in companies and to interpret the data correctly. The growth strategies of a company are not decided by computers but by managers. The machines only help in this process, but they can never replace the human factor. ”

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In June this year, Talentia Software launches two new versions of its products with upgrade of financial planning and simulation of the sales budget, costs and capex, the modeling of budget and planning. Alongside this, there are the new solutions for e-learning and multimedia content, to complete the training module that is part of the offer Talentia, fully integrated with the business processes of client companies. “The two business areas in which we are specialists – continues Bossi – are central to the life of any business, because they govern the financial administration of a company and the strategies to grow the talents, essentially to cultivate the leadership of tomorrow» . The Millennials are pushing for advanced solutions in mobility, while the explosion of digital conveys the demand for resources with the right skills to “ride the tiger” of the transformation. “To date, we invest 20% of the turnover in R & D. It is a significant share of their sales, but still triplicheremo to demonstrate that innovation really matters to us. ” Talentia is expanding in Russia and other countries outside Europe with a global channel partner strategy to create a network of distributors and partners, while Talentia Academy promotes training and research and Meet Talentia is the perfect opportunity to create a community of customers with which to compare and implement such stimuli. “We feed off of ideas and enthusiasm” – said the manager. “The network is the winning model for doing business. We believe that genuine communication with the market can produce amazing results for clients and for us. “



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