Fujitsu opens the European excellence center for Robotic Process Automation

Fujitsu apre il centro di eccellenza europeo per la Robotic Process Automation

Fujitsu has created a new European Center of Excellence (CoE) for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Denmark. The CoE will be able to develop new services for timely management of repetitive activities by identifying and solving the possible causes of slowdown in the various processes by helping Fujitsu customers optimize and accelerate digital transformation by leveraging robotic automation to perform day-to-day administrative tasks Such as customer support, human resources, and accounting.

RPA will use robotic software solutions with both artificial intelligence (AI) and without, in addition to advanced learning capabilities, to handle repetitive and simple operations, thus enabling human resources to focus on creative work. RPA is commonly applied to administrative, reporting, customer support, database upgrades, and generally digitization of services. For example, a robot can update high volumes of data without errors at a much lower rate than a human being can, without interruptions, 24 hours a day. This results in increased productivity and employee satisfaction, which can thus devote more time to tasks that are more stimulating where they can offer added value.

Bjarne Rasmussen, Fujitsu’s Manager Application Management in EMEA, comments: “We’ve already seen the benefits that software robots and virtual assistants are able to offer. Now we are beginning to take note of the real potential of automation in robotic processes. New modes of use are constantly evolving and the new FUJITSU RPA Excellence Center will enable us to explore these opportunities to develop and share best practices with our customers. The success of RPA distribution is not about stand-alone technology projects: we are working with our customers to create RPA solutions that integrate into existing processes and thus contribute to digital transformation projects. ”

Today, artificial intelligence and robotics are key parts of the fourth wave of digitization. In line with its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, Fujitsu supports its customers to exploit new digital technologies that improve their work. Fujitsu’s RPA Center of Excellence will enable customers to accelerate pilot projects by implementing and leveraging the RPA’s potential, simplifying processes and improving efficiency. By working in partnership with customers to create new RPA services, the Fujitsu CoE team will ensure that these are in line and support different business objectives, adapting to larger digitalization projects.

RPA has a great potential and can be applied in several areas and in multiple functions. It can be implemented in complete IT systems with the goal of performing specific tasks such as automated transaction processing, data processing, or communication with other systems. To facilitate the implementation of RPA features, Fujitsu’s Automated Automation Automation CoE is developing a complete portfolio of software and services that in the near future can be combined with existing intelligence capabilities delivered through the cloud serviceK5 of Fujitsu.
Pilot project at the Ostrobothnia Hospital Complex in Southern Finland

Recently, the new European CoE RPA has launched a pilot project at the Hospital District of Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland. By automating the collection of preliminary information during patient check-in, employees have more time available today to focus on patient care. The automated collection of basic patient information provides a preliminary indication of the reason for their visit. The shape is dynamic, which means that the information required depends on the nature of the patient’s visit.

Teemu Haukilehto, IT Manager at South Ostrobothnia Hospital, said: “So far we have had very good results. From the first data, for example, we have verified that the Seinäjoki hospital, which receives 20,200 patients every year, thanks to the introduction of the RPA is saving 33 minutes of work per day. As soon as the complete system is deployed to the 30 outpatient units, which receive a total of 260,000 patients annually, we expect the saved potential time to reach 109,200 minutes per year. ”

Fujitsu’s RPA solutions can be provided both on-premise and as Software-as-a-Service, incorporating all the services needed to quickly implement RPA. Fujitsu uses the framewor




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