Snapchat changes face: the content will be available to & # 8217; infinity

On the one hand, Snapchat has to constantly improve after the record debut on Wall Street, on the other hand it has to defend itself from Facebook attacks, which in recent times has often taken inspiration from the messaging app for its services (see Stories). Today is a very important day for the company now known simply as Snap Inc, which some time ago introduced the actually increased stickers. The app’s distinctive feature was the content that shuts off after a short period of time (1 to 10 seconds) but today this feature is no longer mandatory. With the next update, the user can choose to make Snaps available without any limit.

“We realized the frustration of not being able to fully enjoy a Snap – even after reviewing it once – and we wanted to give you the option to allow the recipient to access it for as long as you want,” explains the company On his blog. Videos, photos and text will remain available to the recipient until they are closed, then deleted as by tradition. Changing radically the distinctive feature of your service could be a big risk, but it could also favor the use by those who saw it as a too tight limit. Along with the new feature comes also “Loop”, a platform that lets you scroll through the photo and video clips before your contacts go to the next Snap. In this case, it seems that Snapchat has imitated Facebook, which offers the same opportunity on Instagram via the Boomerang app. Finally, with “Magic Eraser” you can delete the objects from the photos.

Snapchat cambia volto: i contenuti saranno disponibili anche all’infinito




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