Industry 4.0, the man returns to the center of the production processes with new IT solution Tecnest

Industria 4.0, l’uomo torna al centro dei processi di produzione con la nuova soluzione informatica di Tecnest

“The challenge is not technological but organizational: it is about changing mentality, working and thinking about processes, the relationship between man and machine, and the various actors involved. Man does not disappear, but plays a central and strategic role. ” According to Tecnest, Udine, which for 30 years has been dealing with IT and organizational solutions for the management of production and supply chain processes, is the challenge that industry 4.0 poses. And it’s about the person, his professionalism and the ability to handle the processes that develops FLEX for Industry 4.0, the new Tecnest smart manufacturing solution. The answer to the new paradigms introduced by Industry 4.0 is in a system capable of communicating machines, objects and people, creating an all-Italian way that combines collaborative manufacturing and internet of things. “Industry 4.0 is a real new organizational and economic model for the industrial world. It’s a new way of thinking about the factory and the relationships between suppliers, manufacturers and customers. And between man and machine, “explains Mario Chientaroli, R & S director and founder of Tecnest. “The best scenario, especially in a manufacturing context like the Italian one, will be the collaboration and interaction between people (internal and external to the company) and intelligent machines that can make the production process faster and more flexible. Therefore, according to our vision, technologies and solutions enabling the new industry paradigms 4.0 will not reduce the human contribution to production processes, but will have to facilitate and support it according to new collaborative and interactive working schemes and modes. ”

FLEX for Industry 4.0 is the new industry-built 4.0 factory management paradigm, with new web, collaboration, and smart applications optimizing production processes; Represents the evolution of Tecnest solutions born from the combination of new technologies compliant with the industry’s industry paradigms 4.0 and the wealth of Tecnest’s expertise and experience in the manufacturing world. FLEX for Industry 4.0 is based on the integration of two concepts: “The first is the Cyberfish System, a set of objects physically present within the manufacturing plant (machinery, tools, products) that can be interconnected with other components of the process production. This interconnection, which is also described as the Industrial Internet of Things, is done through the computer-based creation of a virtual copy of the physical object that records features, capabilities and states, “explains Paolo Fontanot, Tecnest Product Manager. The second concept is that of Human-Centered Manufacturing. “According to some studies, the new industry paradigm 4.0 will lead to a shift from a task-centric (human-centred) organization model. In a human-centred production system, the planning and execution phases of a task end up coinciding as the person has full control over the process and technology. The human factor thus plays a key role in optimizing production performance. ”

At the core of FLEX for Industry 4.0 is the Smart Factory Console, the new web application and role-based data collection, control and advancement, and the management and analysis of information and data collected by machines , People and interconnected products within the factory 4.0. “The Smart Factory Console is not just a new web application for data collection at the factory, but it is the main site where the interaction and collaboration activities (man-machine, man-man, machine-man) are concentrated among the operators of Production and production system elements, integrating the capabilities of Social & Collaborative Manufacturing with Internet of Things technologies, “continues Fontanot. “Through the Collaboration Hub of FLEX for Industry 4.0 and the capabilities for direct exchange (chat, screenharing …) or deferred content and communications coordination (kanban board, scrum, report ..), operators, supervisors and collaborators Internal or external to the company, as well as customers, suppliers, outsiders can view, publish, share, and manage information and data on processes and activities in an easy and immediate way. In addition, data on timing, quantity, fixed orders, or other production-related issues can be communicated in real time to production facilities thanks to the new FLEX for Industry 4.0 I / O gateway that connects and integrates machines, sensors, Automation systems and physical objects. ”

Through the collection of production data from machines, people and systems, the production control and the advancement of the production




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