Apple acquires Beddit for sleep monitoring on Apple Watch

Apple acquisisce Beddit per il monitoraggio del sonno su Apple Watch

Apple is a fairly private company and when it acquires another company it hardly makes it into a big pump. Today, Apple has completed the purchase of a Beddit twin-bed startup device specializing in sleep monitoring devices compatible with its products through the app. The operation was confirmed by the same company through the change of its policies, which were replaced by those of the Cupertino giant. The economic details were not disclosed.

Beddit is a well-established startup in its industry and through its products it provides useful information to improve your rest. The app measures the quality and quantity of sleep and analyzes heart rate, breathing and snoring. The service is also able to provide suggestions on how to make the bedroom more restful. The acquisition of Beddit will certainly serve Apple to increase the offer of the Health app but it is also likely that the company’s know-how will serve to implement new features for Apple Watch, which in the future could natively integrate sleep monitoring . The next June 5 will be the WWDC 2017 and it is possible that several new products will be presented for Apple’s smartwatch, which thanks to this product has become the world’s first wearable company. With the launch of watchOS 4, there may be several new features. The upcoming Apple Watch model should have a profoundly new design and apparently can not be used when driving.




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