Nvidia launches VRWorks to simplify app development for virtual reality

Nvidia lancia VRWorks per semplificare lo sviluppo di app per la realtà virtuale

Nvidia has unveiled the new VRWorks development suite that incorporates audio and video tools for virtual reality projects. The goal is not only to simplify the publication of VR work for the mass but also to increase its quality by compiling the code that can benefit from the latest technology in the field, including real-time sound positioning and l Interaction with 3D environments. With the VRWorks Audio SDK and VRWorks 360 Video SDK kit, the US company also made available the ungram engine for Unreal Engine 4, which can bring the gaming experience on mobile platforms to a later level.
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Particularly, new generation tools allow you to walk in a playful space with more realistic interactive moments, thanks to the real-time change of sources from which the audio prevails depending on where the user is located. It’s not trivial, because sound is a key element for the success of a virtual reality project. If the VR landscape wants to improve and become a true breakthrough with the digital enjoyment of the past, it must accept forms of such innovation that can render the walls that divide reality from the virtual world less and less thickly, by re-designing environments that Can follow laws similar to those of the organic world. Interest in the video compartment is given by VRWorks 360 live streaming capabilities, whereby producers can broadcast live content in three dimensions that the audience can watch using common viewers and goggles such as Oculus and Gear VR.




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