Tris of samples for the cloud and the IoT

Tris of samples for the cloud and the IoT

Theme surely very timely that the Internet of Things. But perhaps even abused, especially when referring to another “hot” like that of Industry 4.0, as they often talk about it and then not to follow words with deeds, or rather concrete solutions. Instead, this is the purpose of the new initiative consists of three Datamatic Systems and Services, Eurotech and Open-V, which promises, with channel programs developed ad hoc, to federate approximately 30-40 business partners on the issues of Internet applications of Things and the private cloud. The partnership intends to bring together the strengths of the different actors involved, to bring an offering of value on the market, delivering the network of partners Datamatic Systems and Services  the in the Internet of Things solutions Eurotech  and private cloud platform StackMax of Open-V .

The potential to stimulate

The underlying reasons for this unusual alliance three are explained in Data Manager from Cristiano Pacitto , general manager of Datamatic Systems and Services : “The potential of the Internet of Things, whose applications require for their most cloud infrastructure agile and reliable, they are certainly respectable, but it is also true that these are issues on which you need to make culture in the market, especially on the different vertical markets. Federated system integrators that are part of our network of partners, we aim to bring the IoT and cloud solutions in various vertical areas, or those in which our business partners have direct competence and knowledge. ” Datamatic Systems and Services was established in 1984 as a business unit to provide services of the distributor Datamatic and later, in 2004, it is spun off, forming today a reality of more than 70 people with headquarters in the Milan area and the main branch in Rome , active in many fields.

Bringing culture market

In his philosophy of distributor and also a system integrator with high added value, Datamatic Systems and Services pays particular attention to certifications, and especially looking for innovative solutions to offer on the market: “In our system integrators we give you the opportunity to offer advanced technologies two innovative companies such as Eurotech, an Italian company from international vocation, and Open-V, recently arrived in Italy with a unique offering in the cloud market, “- said Pacitto. The theme of culture is the central one: “Today, the company intends to adopt a platform IoT think in the first instance to prodursela, and that’s why as value-added distributors we proposed to combine the two protagonists in the main components an IoT platform “- says Pacitto, stressing that have already taken steps to form engineer pre-sales figures to give concrete value to the entire speech. Not only. The channel programs are two, distinct for Eurotech and Open-V, as the interlocutors may be different, but the goal is to federate about 30 or at most 40 business partners in total, how to say 2 or 3 for each region Italian.

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From the computer pervasive IoT

Headquartered in Friuli, Eurotech, a world leader in the Internet of Things, is definitely one of the companies forerunners in this area. Today it employs over 330 people around the world with a turnover of 60 million euro. “As a company, we were born in the wake of the idea of pervasive computers, following the miniaturization of the PC, continuing with the machine-to-machine, M2M, until you get to what today is called Internet of Things” – sums Roberto Siagri , president and CEO of Eurotech , highlighting the most important aspect: “the Internet of Things is a horizontal platform that we could also call” Asset Relationship Management “. The character of horizontality required to decouple producers and consumers of data but requires specific skills to get to applications in various vertical industries. If the platform is the basis on which to build the new mine of data, what is now called Data Lake, they need the skills of those who translates this data into actionable knowledge, unique characteristics of each vertical field that requires a bridge between the world of ‘ IT, Information Technology and the OT, the Technology Operation. ”

In a sign of open source

More specifically, Eurotech offers a wide range of IoT hardware solutions ranging from CPU cards and the SBC hardware-based gateways and software. Especially provides infrastructure for applications of IoT devices, Everyware Software Framework (ESF), created with Eclipse Kura, open source middleware for the IoT and M2M gateway, whose name in Maori means “container.” “Our gateway family has numerous variants that are adapted to different uses, but the software framework remains the same for all, a kind of basketball where you load a Java” – explains Siagri. The reason is simple: “If you want to master complexity, which in this area is definitely high, you have to break things into smaller components, acting on successive extractions, thereby making it possible to change the hardware without having to redo the software again , avoiding lock-in always lurking “- noted Siagri.

Interoperability and safety

It is for this reason that “although the domain of hardware, we characterize us to be more an IT company, as we have not any kind of lock-in and we can also offer our cloud solutions, whatever it is, thanks to a kind of PaaS platform to talk to all suppliers “- continues Siagri. And here they come to mind the most famous cloud service providers, operating especially with a great IaaS infrastructure-type, which provide the tools to allow customers to use it. In addition to maximum interoperability, resulting from being based entirely on open source, the solutions proposed by Eurotech are also characterized by security, “end-to-end extended from gateway software platform” – explains Siagri, noting also that the sophisticated level of security watch, among other things, also to the management device. But despite this, Siagri continues, “there are still companies reluctant to send their data to the public cloud, and that is why we are always in demand private cloud, even with on premise deployments.”

The Open-V private cloud

And the private cloud is in fact the third fundamental element of the partnership formed by Datamatic Systems and Services, Eurotech and Open-V. Massimo Calabrese , CEO of Open-V , is a quick overview about the company: “Founded in 2004 by two software engineers, one in the US and one in India, the company today has a hundred people, 95 of them they are engaged in software development. In Italy, the first European country in which we began to expand, we arrived in 2016, relying entirely Datamatic Systems and Services as a master distributor. ” In its essence, Open-V is an “engineering company”, ie “We can develop and write open source code of all, thanks to a very young development team, which then has the ability to think outside the box” – says Calabrese, stressing that “for some time we focused on our core product: StackMAX, a cloud management platform that makes us different than anything that’s on the market and that is having great success.” The renewed momentum in the market of Open-V starts from 2014, that is, by the arrival of Massimo Calabrese as CEO, which has taken steps to better orient the company towards selling primarily through business partners, as the focus was mainly directed at OEM world. In Italy, the company has landed for less than a year, but can already count on certain key customers, for example, in the context of public administration or University and Research.

perfect Synergy

“Among Eurotech and Open-V is a perfect synergy within the cloud and to undertake IoT installations both for maximum scalability” – says Calabrese, stressing that StackMAX is a unique platform through which we can manage the whole ‘ IT infrastructure and have a complete internal governance, a platform supports all “layer” cloud (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) integrating all the functionality such as, for example, SDS, SDN, NFV, docker, disaster recovery, cloud-back- ups and much more. The advantage is not insignificant, also because today cloud platforms are presented as IaaS or are complicated to put together, with the various components that must operate all together, which is a complexity not indifferent, with repercussions on both the timing on costs. That’s because “today is not easy to find a cloud platform designed for IaaS services, PaaS and SaaS, all in a single solution, while our proposal is structured” turnkey “on a single system with which, in addition to having the full governance, there is also the possibility of creating new services within their organization: dall’IoT to monitoring or business intelligence and beyond, because our platform is also a real service generator, also within DevOps “- said Massimo Calabrese.



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