Infinidate, storage intelligence

Infinidat, intelligence in storage

Young and fierce. But above all, innovative. Infinidat , a company in enterprise storage, in little more than five years of life has already won a number of milestones. How to have passed, during the first quarter of 2017, an exabyte of capacity installed globally, or having closed the 2016 fiscal year with a year on year growth of 144 percent. Even in Italy, where the company is present from mid-2015, the results are highly important, because here we Infinidat is “growing by 300 percent quarter over quarter and has already reached profitability,” – explains Daniela Miranda , regional sales director for South Europe , pointing out that the Italian subsidiary has been awarded as “fast growing country in 2016” in the last kick-off company. It is perhaps for this reason that he continues Daniela Miranda, “the intention is to double the workforce in our country later this year, to be more and more able to cope with the increasing demands coming from the market: today we have more than 20 installed systems, but the Infinidat name is starting to be well known, especially for its unique characteristics. ”

Innovazione in pole position

The first of which is the very high rate of innovation, of which he is the founder architect Moshe Yanai, true storage luminary and able to exploit significant as the invention of Symmetrix, the technology is still a workhorse EMC now Dell EMC, and XIV, then merged with IBM in 2008. Today, Infinidat is present throughout the world, with two main offices, one in Tel Aviv in Israel and one in Waltham, in the Boston area in Massachusetts, by traits particularly futuristic and opened right in 2016. the other peculiar characteristic of Infinidat is that “does not produce anything physical, ie hardware, but selects the appropriate components on the market to propose a software defined enterprise-type storage and all-flash performance, achieved with commodity technologies “- he points out Riccardo Facciotti , tech sales director for South Europe . In a time when the all-flash systems are the most popular solutions to meet the growing storage needs, Infinidat tip instead its value proposition on the software and a new philosophy of management of data and workloads, also aimed to the overall improvement of TCO.

A whole reliability

The most recent proposal of the company, ie a 3.0 InfiniBox storage system, delivers over one million IOPS, sub-millisecond latency, real-time compression, advanced analytics performance and scalability over 5 petabytes of effective capacity storage in a single 42U standard rack. But above all have important characteristics such unrivaled reliability, which is just 99 percent, followed, after a comma, five 9: This means that the system is “a hundred times safer than any other storage” – explains Facciotti , citing in this connection the “Israeli logic” of Infinidat project, which provides for ‘the use of storage systems located in secure bunkers, even in remote areas, and on which no action is taken for at least six months. At the end of this period, it shall be checked: it can also have the breakage of any component, but the system continued to operate always in a condition of high reliability, thanks to its characteristics of self-management and self-repair. ”

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Always Active Controller

All this does not happen by chance, as InfiniBox, which counts more than 120 patents, has three active-active-active controller, capable of handling 480 discs, in a logic that goes beyond the classical redundancy, so that “in the case of failures, up to 12 discs, the system uses the virtual-Hot-Spare the box, even if it is designed so that you can lose up to 100 discs without causing any data loss “- continues Facciotti, stating that the limit 100 discs refers to the model InfiniBox F6000, which has 480 discs, while the F2000 model that has 120, the theoretical limit of disk failures without consequences is 50. “the main difference from the competition is that we have increased greatly the ability to withstand any faults if they occur, the data is not lost, thanks to the fact that the three controllers of our systems access all disks in the box in a manner parallel and sequential, so you can also sfru ttare all the typical characteristics of nearline SAS disks. ” In fact, within the InfiniBox solutions, there are the “classic” nearline SAS disk drive, “from 7,200 rpm with a capacity of 3 to 8 terabytes¬Ľ – precise Facciotti, pointing out that “it is precisely the disks that all other vendors using for the last tiering, that is, the data do not frequently accessed, while we, with the help of more than 50 patents solely on the cached data management and with particular attention to the scriptures, we can have performance type all-flash. ” Particularly significant are the performances in case of the need to reconstruct two broken disks, which increased from a few days of traditional storage systems in less than 15 minutes.

Even mainframe

It is because of this that you get superior performance at a million IOPS and especially a throughput of over 12.5 GB of bandwidth, so you can use the InfiniBox systems with any type of workload and environment: Fiber Channel, NAS, SAN, iSCSI, OpenStack and soon to objects, not forgetting that they are also certified aS / 400 and also for mainframe installations. In this latter respect, the F1000M model, which offers the FICON connectors, Infinidat has now become the fourth vendor, after EMC, IBM and HDS, to be certified for mainframes: “It is a niche, but it is very strategic, and that’s why certification has been strongly supported by Moshe Yanai “- reveals Daniela Miranda, adding that” in the mainframe environment, we are certified for zLinux, in order to move towards the open world through zSeries systems to IBM. ”

Attacking the market

The very clear ideas to the technological level of Infinidat go hand in hand with an equally clear vision of the market. To date, the company has to its credit more than 20 facilities in Italy, among which there is a reference to secure relief as Cedacri. Other customers who chose Infinidat there are cloud and service providers, in addition to large outsourcers or the bandwidth providers who enter the cloud market, but also the telco “that now are increasingly turning to provide services” – says Daniela Miranda, anticipating that the company is also turning its attention to retail areas, finance and utilities. The business model is indirect, with Avnet as distributor in Europe and a dozen direct VAR currently present in Italy. Among the company’s customers election there are companies that have storage needs greater than 100/150 terabytes, which are no longer just the preserve of large organizations, as they are increasingly determined by the type of business, and are primarily derived from the processes data consolidation and mixed workloads in a single box. In this type of customers, the company offers a quoted price on net terabyte, including maintenance 7x24x365 for three years with the intervention in four hours, and above all the current capabilities and those roadmap for the coming years.



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