The new Opera integrates WhatsApp and Messenger

Il nuovo Opera integra WhatsApp e Messenger

In the browser’s jungle most used Opera tries to carve out its space. It does so with a new browser version designed for social networking and chat lovers. For this, the latest release incorporates some very interesting tabs that speed up and simplify access to the most beloved clients from many users, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Instead of pointing to third-party extensions, like Chrome and Firefox for years, Opera’s team decided to create a software that already includes the two features, so you can enter them without major problems within the flow of navigation.

How it looks

And so, the Reborn version of Opera, inspired by the experimental home browser known as the Neon, hosts natively various applications, the already mentioned WhatsApp and Messenger, but also Telegram, ever-increasing consumer-minded. To use dedicated tabs, you can do two ways: by placing the specific icons in the browser sidebar or by saving the shortcuts to the favorite chats, so you have them beside the current web window. Simplicity in using tools is disarming: To share photos or videos just drag them from your computer to chat, as you would with any other content to transfer between folders. Currently, only Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram are integrated into Opera, but it seems that other services could soon arrive, ready to make the Norwegian third uncomfortable company even more social.



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