Windows 10 now has over 500 million devices

Windows 10 is now on 500 million devices

Microsoft announced at the conference Build, the milestone reached by Windows 10. The latest operating system from Redmond is installed on 500 million devices around the world. This is an important milestone but is still far from what it had set the multinational, when the launch of the OS said he wanted to get 1 billion devices to two years after its debut. This is double what Microsoft today, and the same company had explained then that he had thrown the stone, perhaps too far, providing a figure perhaps exaggerated given the times.

Besides computers

But the reasoning behind Windows 10 is the right one. The optics of the single operating system is what you need to group the market around the brand and not to disperse the forces of parallel and unsuccessful projects. Whether it’s computers, tablets, IoT, game consoles and wearable, the desire to create a common platform is a Microsoft ball, which is evidently paying off. The only regret is maybe what you do not understand that the view of the smartphone was going elsewhere, and that the mobile context was an area where Redmond had to invest more and with a greater degree of openness rather than follow the example of Apple, with the desire to keep everything under control. No problem, because iOS and Android have so cannabalizzato the segment as not to leave room for other competitors.



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