“Material Components” arrive On the Material Design website


Material Design is the set of Google-provided guides that every good developer should implement within their applications to make content homogeneous to Android style.

For those who do not know it, Material Design also has its own web page, which has been extensively refurbished last year. There is also an official Twitter account, but today a new useful web page is available for developers. Welcome to Material Components, a set of tools and guidelines to follow that will make life easier for programmers for Android, iOS and the web.

The Material Design programming guidelines contain visual, interactive, and motion information that can be customized for applications and websites.
Material Components provide a reliable development environment for applications and websites on Android, iOS, and the web. Components are constantly updated as Material Design evolves, ensuring perfect implementation and full membership in Google’s development standards, such as internationalization and accessibility support.
Material Design widgets are also available for Flutter, a SDK application on high-performance and high-performance apps for iOS and Android, based on a single base code.

This is the text on the official website, which you can visit by clicking here. The Material Components passwords are pixel pixel accuracy, constant update of guidelines, and open source essentials thanks to the projects present on the GitHub sharing platform.

Do not hesitate to visit this new site of Google dedicated to Material Design especially if you are a web application developer, Android or iOS, and want to find out what Material Components are like.





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