Xiaomi Mi6 passed the test with arrows

Perhaps the most human nature is characterized by the desire to destroy and amuse fun for the sake of. Among buyers of Xiaomi Mi6 there will certainly be those who will hurry to implement some “brilliant” ideas on its destruction. Earlier, we talked about how the flagship doused a ton of water from the bucket of the excavator. Today you could see the Xiaomi Mi6 strength test from the famous “maniac” JerryRigEverything and he was joined by a more skilled “executioner” who turned the novelty into a mutilated pile of glass and iron.

In the Hollywood militants, we have repeatedly seen how various objects miraculously stopped bullets and arrows. But what can oppose the arrow Xiaomi Mi6? Find the answer to this question, it was decided by experience. The expected smartphone was unable to escape from the cold steel, and was pierced by an arrow. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the battery was punched through, but this only led to its deformation, but the explosion did not follow.

Of course, we can not warn you not to follow this example. But the comments about the “zazhravshihsya” Chinese and the fact that it would be wiser to give it to one of you, are welcome.



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