Helio X20 lacks of quantity and MediaTek can not get rid of its stocks

Efforts of Chinese smartphones with 8-core processors began to be perceived as commonplace. Then it was decided that in the multi-core happiness and the light appeared chips with 10 cores. During the announcement of the first 10-nuclear single-chip system Helio X20, MediaTek did not skimp on the compliments to this creation and claimed about its unrivaled capacity from the category of “keep me seven”. From the moment of the announcement and until the first device appeared on board with him, he podrasteraval former charm against the backdrop of products Qualcomm, Huawei and Samsung. As a result, he could not stand the competition with the flagships of 2016.

De facto, declared as flagship, Helio X20 has turned into a middle-class product, moreover, and not very popular with smartphone manufacturers. The processor was not in demand and the dream that it would explode like hot cakes was not justified. The low demand for the Helio X20 has led to the fact that now a number of processors have accumulated in the chipmaker’s warehouses, which risk to remain unused. And this is all provided that its cost is only $ 20. Analysts believe that lowering the prices for the processor will not lead to a decrease in stocks in warehouses. The fault of all Qualcomm chips, which many associate as one of the best products and their presence is considered the key to the popularity of devices.



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