Light Phone – a phone for minimalists, which heals dependence on the smartphone

The shelves of mobile devices are littered with clones and similar solutions. Hundreds of models inherit the design direction given by Samsung and Apple. Most are exploiting the idea of glass cases, and now, as if by arrangement, many were engaged in creating frameless devices with dual cameras. Hardware stuffing caught up with midrange computers, and each subsequent flagship demonstrates the increase in “muscle”. Boring, sexless unisex in design, scarcity of imagination, an abundance of unnecessary features?

There are those who do not understand all this megapixel race and megahertz, preferring to use a smartphone only as a means of communication. Here for them in the market appeared minimalistic mobile device Light Phone, where the name perfectly characterizes it. The novelty can be purchased at a price of $ 150, and its history began two years ago on the Kickstarter site, where the project was supported and the phone was released. Light Phone is intended only for receiving and making calls. Still notify of the time. By this, all functional is limited. The phone received a SIM card slot, a Qualcomm 8208 chip and a small LED display. Weight Light Phone is only 38 grams, it stores in memory only 9 numbers and works only in 2G networks. The claimed battery life is 3 days. With it, the user just “does not hang” on the clock.



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