Accidental “victims” of the Xiaomi representative’s struggle with the gray market: effective methods of “killing” fan love?

Today we will once again touch on the hot topic for fans of Xiaomi in Russia about how the company, through its official distributor, covers the supply of brand smartphones from China to “gray” wholesalers and ordinary users. It is already known that the GearBest Internet store has suspended the sending of Xiaomi smartphones to Russia because of problems with customs. It is almost certain to join other sellers, it’s only a matter of time.

¬†Discontent of those who wanted to save money and purchase a device from China at a lower price, you can understand. The wave of indignation is growing, users are urged to boycott the purchase of company products, sign a petition to the Federal Customs Service and Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co.Ltd. (Legal owner of the Xiaomi trademark). The initiators of this appeal are sure that the price policy of the distributor does not correspond to the strategy of Xiaomi itself to offer affordable devices with good stuffing. Will they hear the customs authorities, it is hard to believe. Let’s be frank, the regulators are called upon to fight the gray market, defending legal entities, which, moreover, make deductions to the state budget, which does not happen when buying devices from the Middle Kingdom. Quite predictably, they will protect the interests of the state, relying on the existing legislative framework. Another thing is that the existing “rules of the game” in terms of taxation and the low level of purchasing power of Russians do not at all contribute to the manifestation of patriotism in the souls of consumers, who are forced to look for ways to reduce the cost of goods.

Has not had any influence, at least for the moment, a wave of disturbances and on the dealer of LLC “Smart Orange”. He confirmed that the situation with the delay and sending back Xiaomi smartphones takes place, but it was done within the framework of the current legislation and at the request of “Smart Orange”, which has exclusive rights to the Xiaomi trademark in the Russian Federation. The dealer will continue to severely suppress any attempts to import into Russia the goods Xiaomi, purchased from the “gray” vendors. In other words, the manufacturer’s representative will do everything to force the buyer to go to the official for the smartphone Xiaomi.

At the moment, the only way that allows buyers to protect their interests is to go to court. Knowing the specifics of the work of the judicial system and the mentality of a huge mass of people, many will refuse to engage in a business for a long time in litigation, and spending their own money. With this in mind, there is a great chance that the “Smart Orange” policy will turn out to be effective and gradually many channels for the arrival of “gray” Xiaomi smartphones from China will be closed. Or will the voice of the people be heard?



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