Snapdragon 660 will be the most popular platform in 2017 and only three flagships from China will receive Snapdragon 835

Modern smartphone has long ceased to be only a means of communication, but turned into a portable camera, a tool for Internet access and a hardware platform for content playback, where among the favorites are gaming applications. Yesterday Qualcomm announced two of its 14-nm platform Snapdragon 660 and 630, which will find application in mid-range devices. One of the most powerful among themselves is the Snapdragon 660, which also offers a good gaming potential.

Chinese industrial analysts forecast a huge demand for this model platform from Qualcomm, which most Chinese brands want to get. The popularity of this powerful SoC will also contribute to its relatively low price, which is three times less than what is requested for Snapdragon 835. It is expected that due to the high price tag on Snapdragon 835 this year only three Chinese flagships will be on board with it: Xiaomi Mi6, Nubia Z17 and OnePlus 5. In the face of rising prices for materials and components, the question of price dumping for Chinese manufacturers is becoming even more urgent. Performance Snapdragon 660 will suffice with a head for the vast majority of users, which means there is no reason to overpay exorbitantly for excess capacity.



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