Samsung Galaxy S8 review: the flagship which is not equal among Android-devices

After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8, a lot of enthusiastic exclamations came to him about the fact that we are facing the smartphone of the future, it opens the era of new flagship devices and finally the South Korean giant created a smartphone without compromise. Well, or almost deprived them. Behind ten days of getting acquainted with the flagship and ready to share your opinion is there any bias in these judgments, and whether to buy such a dashing device for the offered “buns”.

What does not take away from the Samsung Galaxy S8, so this is the external appeal and elegance in design. This is due to the thin body and the large display. The screen here is by far the best on the market. AMOLED-matrix brought to perfection and take off the hat in front of the creators. The brand name of many Galaxy S devices are excellent cameras. Here continuity is traced, and the flagship is ready to roll off the pedestal of the recognized favorite of Google Pixel. Cameras are almost universal, suitable for shooting in any conditions, whether it’s day or night. Of the drawbacks – the maximum saturation of colors. The Galaxy S8 sounds good, but the stereo effect is still not enough. Expected performance and performance at a decently high level. Heavy games are played at maxima, and there is no throttling. In terms of autonomy, do not expect miracles. One day without an outlet – the maximum bar.



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