Meizu MX7: Do you agree to such a smartphone design?

We have repeatedly heard rumors that the Meizu MX7 can offer an updated design. Someone said that it would be a frameless answer to Xiaomi Mi MIX, and someone predicts the debut of the continuer of the idea with a curved display. The implementation of the smartphone with the screen stretching from edge to edge was postponed until next year, the curved on the edges of the matrix, if we will, then in Pro 7. The network merged another picture, which, according to its authors, imprinted Meizu MX7. Against the background of the style of frameless, he looks like a “disgusting duckling”, which in many ways inherits the features of Meizu devices. However, perhaps during the presentation we will see a “noble swan”.

Such an unflattering characteristic of the device is due to the absence of the effect of surprise, originality and freshness. There are no serious changes in appearance. Unless lateral frames have become more elegant, in our days thick frames are already mauva. The bored design can play a cruel joke with a novelty on the background of a fairly controversial hardware component. Perhaps closer to get close to competitors in performance will allow Snapdragon 660, which began to predict the device. But, there is a huge chance that we will again see the next creation from MediaTek.



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