The European Commission stands up against the misguided behavior of Internet giants

After Spotify , Rocket Internet and Deezer have filed a complaint against the search engines and app stores, the news of a possible new law by the European Union has spread rapidly. The three “small” actually mentioned above have stated in their complaint that the big internet to have exploited to promote their services and applications.

In particular, Spotify claimed that Apple has launched unjust practices against the famous music service refusing to update the app in the iOS store; Spotify has offered new incentives to enroll in its music subscription service on its website rather than through the same application in order to circumvent the fees due to Apple to host the app on their store. Apple claimed that Spotify has called for a special treatment course was denied.

The case thus demonstrates a co-dependency between companies like Apple and Google with third-party developers that have so far remained unnoticed. A search of the European Commission confirmed that Internet giants offer products and services without giving proper notice, limiting access to information and obscuring the transparency of research results.

The inevitable consequence of this behavior is a law that allows you to adjust and establish the criteria for fair trade online, to increase transparency and resolve various conflicts and disputes ( with special attention to small companies that could obviously not compete in colossal legal battles for various reasons ).
Edima, a trade group representing Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook declared its surprise and disappointment with the announcement of the European Commission.

Obviously the music industry is in the EU’s support of the initiative, which on Wednesday will unveil its own initiative that intends to achieve by the end of the year and also examined the various social media to create a code of conduct containing instructions on how to deal illegal content and use of bad language that often returns to be present.



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