Handbag Dyetonator will put your handbag in the shelter of the shooters

Handbag Dyetonator is a small accessory created by Ash Be Nimble, a Malaysian company founded by Hui Mathews, who seeks to put an end to a plague in Malaysia that is reaching important numbers but also affects our country.

I am constantly increasing the scooter shots that are most often impossible to prevent with the malevivants who manage to lose their tracks in the vast majority of cases. Dyetonator Handbag has a dual function that makes it truly unique.

Thanks to the SIM housed inside it can be reached with an SMS that triggers a small explosive charge that allows the escape of an indelible dye that will blot the thief and make it easily identifiable by law enforcement.

In addition, the Handbag Dyetonator has a GPS tracking device to track it through an application to install on its Android smartphone. In this way, unless the thief is hiding underground or in large closed buildings, it will be possible to trace it and recover the bad.

For the moment you can not buy this small but useful accessory but you can try to sign up for being selected as a beta tester




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