The evolution of the NFC? It is the detection of electromagnetic emissions

The NFC has become a common feature to most modern smartphones, but it requires its presence on both the objects you want to enter into communication. The detection of electromagnetic emissions could be his “evolution.”

If you remember, some time ago we told you about the research performed by Disney: Future Interfaces Group at the University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon is continuing in a similar research and has come to develop a prototype of a smartphone, based on a Motorola Moto G 2013.

Each electrical device has its own electromagnetic field, and this feature can be used to identify, at least until it is completely off; the smartphone in question, with capacity electromagnetic detection , is able to recognize any electronic device by simply touching it.

This happens with the help of machine learning , which is useful to classify the type of devices via an ID, but not limited to: in some cases it is also able, consequently, to “check”; This is because, following the detection, the smartphone launches the app that allows it, such as in the case of the thermostat or the Philips Hue LED bulb.

The devices that can be recognized ranging from TVs to refrigerators, from routers to smart locks: in short, it is a potentially very broad field. According to the Future Interfaces Group a possible commercial version could avoid the use of additional components (you can easily notice the connector under the Moto G), simply by using the existing antenna or the metallic shell of the device.

The team are going to work to further improvements concerning the reduction of noise and various optimizations, so as to be able to distinguish from each other the same device models. The group’s director, Chris Harrison says it will take at least another year before you can see on the market. So there will have to wait, but not too long.



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