According to IHS eSIM will be widely used since 2019 onwards


According to a new study conducted by IHS Markit, eSIM, starting from 2019, will be increasingly used by smartphone manufacturers. The IHS study predicts that the number of devices that will integrate an eSIM will reach the bill by 2021. This technology, in some ways “snapped” (at least so far) by most mobile devices manufacturers, will see Its period of greatest splendor in the next five years.

At present, devices equipped with eSIM are a rarity, but there are. A few examples? Samsung Gear S2 Classic is one of these. Even Apple has equipped some of its iPad with its own Apple SIM. Within a few years the list of devices that will boast such “virtual” SIMs will certainly be much longer.

While IHS provides a quick transition from the “old” SIM to the new “virtual” SIMs, on the other hand, you can not expect the removable SIMs to retire … not at all. The study conducted by the aforementioned analyst company, in fact, argues that the decline of removable SIMs will be extremely slow. So in 2021, when more than 980 million eSIMs are expected to be present, there will still be 5.1 billion devices that will support removable SIMs.

Looking at the chart below you will appreciate the conclusions reached by IHS.


eSIM studio IHS




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