Imagination PowerVR Series 8XT GT8525 is the first Furian architecture GPU


Two months after the presentation of the architecture, Furian Imagination Technologies presented the first GPU based on this technology. We are talking about the PowerVR Series 8XT GT8525 that marks a steady step ahead of the previous generation based on Rogue architecture.

With the new generation of GPU Imagination, it is aimed at achieving the right balance between performance and consumption with 2 clusters offering 8 pixels / clock and 8 texel / clock, twice as much as the Rogue architecture guarantees. All this results in performance from 50 to 80% higher than the previous generation in view of having a GPU that is perfectly adaptable both to the smartphone market and to the VR viewers without forgetting the automotive market where a 2 cluster system guarantees a Computing power more than enough.

Without providing any details, Imagination reports that it has forwarded the projects to their main partner, excluding Apple who would be developing its own GPU, should be MediaTek. The first devices with the new GPU will not be available on the market before 2018, although chipmakers will decide whether and when to use the new architecture.



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