Beat.Me is a minimal rhythm shooter with your music

Developed by NFSS10, Beat.Me is a vertically scrolling shooter based on the rhythm of the music stored on your device.

The graphics of the game is extremely minimal and game levels will be influenced by the music being played.

You control a ship that can move horizontally with your finger in the bottom of the display. By hitting and destroying the enemies you will earn points and you will lose every collision.

The game speed and rate of fire the spacecraft will follow the sound wave of the selected track and you can challenge your friends in your favorite songs.

E ‘can unlock new ships with which rise through the ranks and achieve the targets available.

Beat.Me is available for Android for free supported by advertising and in-app purchases optional and requires the permissions for access to photos, and multimedia files.

Below you will find the trailer and the badge to download the game from the Play Store.



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