Orphan Black: The Game is a puzzle adventure based on the popular TV series

Orphan Black: The Game is an adventure based on the same science fiction television series where you can interpret Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Beth, MK, Katja, Tony and Krystal.

The game has an isometric setting with turn-key puzzle gameplay and you have to go through a series of levels trying to eliminate or escape the enemies by activating traps and mechanisms such as laser doors and sliding floors.

The challenge is also to complete the levels with as few moves as you can in the minds of different clones sisters.

The title offers over 80 levels divided into 10 worlds that will allow the player to unlock the mysteries of the popular television series.

Orphan Black: The Game is available for Android for free with optional in-app purchases and requires permissions for access to Wi-Fi and photo, media, and file information. Next you’ll find the trailer and the badge to download the game from the Play Store.




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